When you washed your hair use a hair dryer, still in your hair dry have about 20% wet (not completely dry), gently put little gel on your hair surface, and then the rest of the wet hair with a hair dryer blowing, which makes your hair look better and easier to take care. -- Share the experience of the hair stylist Joe - Light Hair Salon.

當你洗過頭髮後使用吹風機, 在你的頭髮仍然有約 20%的水份時(不是全乾)輕輕放些凝膠在你的頭髮表面上,然後用吹風機吹乾其餘濕的頭髮,這使你的頭髮看起來更好,更容易打理。 -- 分享 Light Hair Salon 髮型師 Joe 的心得