Anionic Hair


Do you desire to have an avatar beautiful models like the long straight shiny hair? However, you must consider your hair texture, whether it may be suitable anion. If you do not have a concept of how to protect your hair, your hair will be severely damaged. Before this about Anionic Hair, you had better to ask your hair stylist valuable advice if you wanted to have the best results!

你渴望擁有一頭像美女模特兒一樣的長直光澤頭髮? 但是,你必須考慮你的頭髮質地,是否適合負離子的可能。如果你沒有概念如何保護你的頭髮, 你的頭髮會被嚴重傷害。在此之前,希望有最好的效果,你最好詢問你髮型師的寶貴意見。